Real Estate Photography & Videography

I offer a wide range of photographic and video services for real estate agents, including

aerial photos and video, video walkthroughs, and interior & exterior photography.

Combine different services for discounted rates!

All videos are hosted on a  completely unbranded website to comply with MLS!

Photos are delivered in MLS size, as well as in full resolution, if desired.

Interior and Exterior Photography

Professional photography can make a huge difference in the quality of your listings.

Pricing for photographic work is as follows:

30-40 high resolution interior photos and 15-25 high resolution exterior photos

Small house (less than 1200 sq ft) -  $175

Regular house (between 1201-4499 sq ft) -  $185

Extra large house (over 4500 sq ft) -  $225

Editing options:

Still images edited into slideshow with music -  $75

Video Walkthroughs

Give potential buyers an idea of the layout of the house as they virtually tour the property.

Pricing for video walkthroughs is as follows:

Video walkthrough -  $185

This price includes an edited video with music.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Photos and video from a height of up to 400 feet provide unusual and striking views that can be captured in no other way.

Pricing for aerial work is as follows:

7-15 high resolution still photos -  $185

Aerial video set to music - $185

Still photos + HD video combo (includes edited video) -  $290

Package Pricing

Combine Multiple Services:

Two of the above services (e.g. ground + aerial photos) -  $290

Three services (e.g. ground + aerial photos + aerial video) -  $395

Four services (e.g. ground + aerial photos + aerial video + walkthrough) -  $475